Soft, natural, sustainable, hypoallergenic and warm products

Our story is intriguing, if we do say so ourselves, and we often wonder how this all happened in such a crazy, synchronistic fashion. 

Our gal, Sue Rose, is a city girl now living in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She once saw an alpaca at a craft show and was bemused by its cuteness. Not long after, she made a micro-loan through (shout out!) to a Peruvian textile designer to help him earn his living. Finding out his products were made from alpaca fleece, Sue ordered one of his ponchos to see why alpaca fleece was such a big deal. Boom! That was it.

It doesn't take long to fall in love with alpaca fleece. Amazingly soft to the touch, warm and hypoallergenic are only parts of the attraction. Alpaca fleece can be used for so many beautiful and functional products--from sweaters, gloves and hats to rugs, blankets and socks.

The alpaca is a gentle creature who is gentle on the earth itself--an organic, sustainable livestock that doesn't destroy pastures, its quietness embodied by its soft padded feet and the "hum" that alpacas use to communicate with each other. 

Because so many people are intrigued by the alpaca, La Paix Alpacas wants to give you the chance to see for yourself this outstanding luxurious fiber by shopping the top quality products we find throughout the world. If only the web could let you touch the soft fineness--you could fall in love with it long before the package arrives at your door!